Google Places Reviews: What to do About Bad Google Reviews

Positive Google Places surveys are great ways to raise your small business. However, so what do you do in the unfortunate event you get yourself a bad review? Don’t panic, there is a approach to make lemonade out of lemons. In many cases, a not so great review can actually help your small business. A bad review gives you the chance to respond, remedy the problem, ensure it never happens again and build credibility with future prospective customers.

Respond Back Promptly

One of the worst things you can do if your small firm is the victim of negative Google Places reviews is actually run and hide. Which mind, there are lots of opportunities to make proper way business decisions, but only one chance to make it right when something fails. The more you delay, the worse the problem becomes. Google Places offers a form for responding opt for small business that faces this situation.

Do Not Get Personal

Choose what you are saying carefully when responding with the negative Google Places consumer reviews. Remember, it is honorable to interested in learning from your mistakes and remedy a potentially bad situation. However, it is less than businesslike to fight the reviewer for as the negative compliments. There might be a very simple fix to the problem in addition levelheaded solution is critical folks to feel that it is. A personal attack, on one other hand, or worse, a psychological breakdown is going to do far more damage to your reputation and small business than this review could ever have inked. buy google reviews

Get the Facts: Remedy the Problem

In addition to offering a swift reply, an unhappy customer who writes Google Places reviews would probably like find out that a business is willing and in a position remedying people are flocking. Is there a solution that can cause adapted shortly? Was the problem with one of your staff or was it product of interest? These are important questions that you need to have strategies before it is possible to resolve the problem.

Take Action: Ensure it Never Happens Again

Once a person all concerns answered, you are to make progress. Ensure that the problems which are brought to light by Google Places reviews never repeat. That mean simply changing some little detail about your business. On the other hand, it could perhaps mean that you’ll want to take much bigger steps. Might involve firing a staff member, or changing schemes. Whatever it takes to make sure the issue is never a problem again.


The final part of overcoming negative Google Places reviews for you to reflect. Have a minute and review the situation. Ask yourself if the original review was credible. Ask yourself if the problem that ignited the negative review was something you really can have seen and intercepted. Remember, all companies make mistakes. Only the successful ones learn from them.

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